About Us


GlanceZ /glænses/ Award-winning contemporary fashion label based in Hong Kong, 
 founded by Malaysian globetrotter, Zera Ng. Our line is inspired by eye-catching artwork from all over the world, blending culture and beauty with only the highest quality clothing available. GlanceZ reflects a playful yet sophisticated style for every fashion conscious ladies.

Eco-friendly, and completely vegan.Trendy yet comfortable, the line demonstrates distinct feminine fashion while remaining socially and environmentally conscious.

GlanceZ features a unique and ever-changing selection of all the latest trends in women’s fashion. Prepared to face anything that comes her way, founder Zera Ng devotes herself to fashion and the belief that women should never have to overpay for quality styles. 



We believe in illuminating life with vibrant colors and positive attitudes. Our entire brand focuses on radiance ignoring the dull and inviting a sense of imagination and spirit.


About Zera


Zera Ng was born in Johor State, Malaysia into a dynamic, business-oriented family. From a very young age she took a liking to fashion, design, travelling, and business. She has taken her interests all over the world, working and travelling to various countries and broadening her taste. Her experience in modeling and business has exposed her to the creativity and intelligence to grow her brand.  



- A' Design Award Winner for Fashion, Apparel and Garment Design Category in 2016 (Italy)
- Winner of Moda Aesthetics, Summer School Competition 2016 (Netherlands)